Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hail Queen Sonia, Empress of India.

Image Hosted by The result in the national election last year was one of the worst days in the history of India. Not only was the BJP voted out of office, but a foreigner whose only qualification is the surname of the family she married into, was on her way to reclaim the family throne.

What was even more pathetic was watching the behavior of the eunuchs who surround the queen bee like they did around Indira Gandhi, begging her to become Prime minister. Have we as Indians truly progressed from the days of the Maharaja's or when Queen Victoria announced herself "Empress of India". The once great congress party has today been reduced to little more than a pathetic shell of former itself due to decades of shameless nepotism by the Nehru/Gandhi family.

While those not familiar with India might think my opposition to Sonia is merely due to her being a foreigner and my xenophobia. This i can assure you is not so, in fact if longtime indophiles like Mark Tully ever wanted to become India's PM i'd be like...bring it. Hell even if George Harrison or Alfred Ford was India's PM, i'd be like...right on!

No, my hatred of Sonia Gandhi is more substantial than that. First of all i simply cant stand the incredibly shrill speeches she makes, i hate the where she stands on almost every major political issue, i hate her self serving family, i hate the political party she leads and most of all i have a blinding hatred of (and desire to purge) all the pseudo-secular socialists who underpin its bankrupt ideology through their control of much of the media and other important institutions.

So even after supposedly claiming the high moral ground by her act of renunciation (perhaps the pope should canonize her), Sonia continues to wield the real power behind the scenes of the Manmohan Singh government. This is blatantly borne out by the fact she has accepted General Musharaffs invitation to visit Pakistan. How dare a person who is not minister let alone an Indian interfere and undermine an extremely sensitive foreign policy issue of vital importance to national security.
If it were a strictly personal visit it wouldn’t be so much of a problem, but Sonia sure isn’t going there to discuss the prices of onions.


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