Thursday, February 03, 2005


"The Great Seven-fold River
The singer, O ye waters
shall tell your grandeur forth that is beyond compare.
The rivers have come forward triply, seven and seven,
Sindhu in might surpasses all the streams that floweth.
Thou speedest o'er precipitous ridges of the earth,
when thou art Lord and Leader of these moving floods.
His roar is lifted up to heaven above the earth,
he puts forth endless vigour with a flash of light,
like floods of rain that fall in thunder from the cloud,
so Sindhu rushes on bellowing like a bull.
Like mothers to their calves,
Like milch kine with their milk,
so, Sindhu, unto thee the roaring rivers run.
Thou leadest as a warrior king thine army's wings
what time thou comest in the van of those swift streams.
And again,
unable to resolve if this mighty flowing torrent
the colour of liquid graphite is a masculine or feminine being.
Flashing and whitely-gleaming in her mightiness,
she moves along her ample volumes through the realms,
most active of the active,
Sindhu unrestrained,
like to a dappled mare,
beautiful, fair to see
- Hymn to Maha Sapta Sindhu, Rig Veda.
Great India, Bharat Mata, Hindustan, the ancient homeland of the Hindu's for 5,500 years spanning from the river Sindhu where our civilisation all began with the great cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa to the abode of our god's in the high Himalaya's of the north, bounded along its peninsula by the Indian ocean and finally to its heart and soul on the River Ganges, India surely is one the most geographically well defined regions on earth.

Today this civilisational lebensraum has been reduced to within the
borders of modern India, as Pakistan in the west and Bangladesh in the east have been carved out in the name of Islam. Since they have systematically tried of wipe out all remnants of their collective Hindu past and are blissfully high on the opiate of Islam, it seems that the only way to create a greater India once again and reclaim our historical territory would be to develop a missile defence shield (which we are hoping to do) and then literally nuke the bastards. Obviously this is little more than wishful thinking and not a serious prosposal, besides the area would be contaminated and of little use, lol.
With any such modern day equivalent of the Spanish reconquista unlikely, perhaps then it is our fate for our past mistakes and weakness that we should have to uneasily live side by side with them, hopefully in a future that is more amicable than at present.

Nonetheless we should still be immensly proud from the fact that even after a thousand years of some of the most tyrannical Islamic rule imaginable, during in which we suffered enormous losses (from the 17 raids by Ghazni on Somnath to the massacre and destruction at the great international Buddhist universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila by Khilji to the ruins of Vijayanagar among innumerable other atrocities perpetrated), our people and culture still somehow endured and our resilient civilisation still managed to emerge largely intact. We could very well have all become muslims today, not knowing what had happened to our ancestors and how we came to be what we are, not caring, only ready to serve the cause of the newly adopted faith, perhaps even dying for it, fighting against those very "infidels" who our forefathers once belonged to.
Thus while from Morocco to Malaysia other civilistisations that once lay claim to greatness, most notably Persia, were quickly decapitated by the sword of Islam and are today little more than minions of Arab culture. It is only the great Indian civilisation that withstood the onslaught and now we must begin the process of rejuvenation.

While this rejuvenation will naturally take many different forms, i am still sceptical that India can ever realise its ambitions be a world power so long as we are divided, only when we Hindu's are able to fully unite and defeat the pseudo-secular socialist forces and drive out the followers of the arab religion can India achieve its full potential.


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