Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Clash of Monotheisms

Recently i decided to read the book "The Clash of Civilisations" by Samuel P. Huntington, which i had previously heard a lot about especially from those who criticised it. I found it to be an interesting read for anyone interested in geopolitics.

The world has also fundamentally changed since the book was written and though much has gone according to Huntingtons paradigm from the events of 9/11 to the recent Ukraine elections, there still are many areas that could be further added upon, especially in relation to India.

Speaking of Clash of the Civilisations, the pope looks like he's going to kick to bucket any day now. Thus the question on everyones lips is could an African become the next pope. With Christianity locked into a head on contest with Islam in Africa, a black brother in the Vatican could give xtians that strategic advantage over Islam in the battle for souls and market share in Africa. I've always thought it interesting watching Africans take so enthusiastically to the religions of their oppressive former slave trading masters, whether Arab or European. As always they like others are essentially being treated as little more than a commodity, a people deemed incapable of having a coherent religion of their own so they must be given one to civilise them as per the British colonialist David Livingstone's famous formulation of "Civilization, Commerce and Christianity".

Anyways would a black pope be able to stem let alone reverse the steady decline of Christianity in Europe since the enlightenment. Hell no.
What's for sure though is that in the 21st century there will be huge gains made by Chrisitianity in Asia. The current pope John Paul while always talking about interfaith harmony n other gibberish has revealed many times that he wants to reap a rich harvest in Asia.
With Christianity struggling to maintain its market leader status due to its low birth rate as compared to the exploding birth rates in the muslim world, atheist China will represent the last great virgin territory for Christian proselytizing to fuck over.

Apart the local confucian traditions and also Buddhism there is really very little to conceivably stop the march of Christianity there. One of things that has always impressed me about the Chinese is their general indifference towards organised religion, but increasingly this no longer looks to be the the case especially in light of the almost complete hollowing out of China's Communist state ideology. Already there are estimates of 50-250 million christian converts in China. Much is often made about China emerging as a potential threat to the US in the future. But I think this is somewhat overstated, the Americans are not just going to sit there and do nothing, they know they can use and indeed are using Christian missionaries (a force greater than even the US military or Hollywood) as a powerful foreign policy tool to decisively change future geopolitical equations. Once the Chinese are a predominantly Christian nation, which they one day very well could be just like South Korea is now, China will more of less have been recruited on the side of the west or Christendom in any future civilisational battle against Islam - not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

So what about Hinduism and the future prospects of the world's 885 million Hindu's. Well naturally one wishes we could be immune from the plague of such aggressive, arrogant and obnoxious religions but unfortunately they are already in our midst. Christian missionaries have longed eyed India as a huge potential source for converts and are actively targeting economically and socially weaker sections of our society. Already many if not most of the tribals and ethnic groups in the northeast have been won over to Christianity. So called "Lower castes" and those in South India are next on the chopping block. Unless like in muslim countries a credible threat of violence is employed to warn such missionary groups, they will most likely continue their activities unfettered and succeed to an certain extent in their mission. To what extent exactly remains to be seen and will depend on our vigilance as well as our assertiveness in reinforcing our unique identity. Thus if Hinduism wants to withstand the onslaught, it will once again have to adapt to the changing times as it has done throughout the millenia and work to overcome sources of weakness such as the caste system that keeps us divided.

Of all people, Hindu's should know better than most the historical consequences of failing to provide a united front to external threats. Our only consolation in this fight is that though many battles will be and already have been lost the war can never be won in an age of reason amongst a people whose spiritual tradition has always accepted and respected intellectual openness and plurality as opposed to dogma, falsehood and infallibility. 


  • your stupidity is amusing. as long as judaism has existed as a religion, "the blacks" have been a part of of it. and when christianity grew out of judaism, because afterall jesus was a jew, "the blacks" played a major and crucial role over and over again. christianity is our religion, it is our heritage. we are named specifically in the bible. let me inform you when "the blacks" as you call us, make their first definite appearance in the bible.genesis 2:13, page 4 in my bible which talks of the land of cush. In genesis 5:32 -noah begot shem, ham, and japheth. now, in my bible, that is page 6 out of 863 pages. we are considered to be descendants of ham. it was genetically possible for people to have offsprings of different races in those days, and to live longer lives. noah lived to be over 500 years old. genesis 10 continues to name the descendants oh ham as cush, mizraim, put and canaan. this may all sound like greek to you, but you must understand that nations were named after their father, so shems children are semites or semitic and hams children hamites or hamitics. cush or cushites (which is what i am), mizraim is another name for ancient egypt (which was different from todays egypt that consists of arabs. ancient egypt had a people who spoke kmt or kemet which is an extinct language today). other famous hamitic nations are nimrod, whose kingdom consisted of babel(ever heard of the tower of babel)?nimrod was the frst on earth to be a mighty man genesis 10:8. sheba was another black nation and the famous queen of sheba added greatly to king solomons wealth. 1 kings 10:1-13. ever heard of king solomons mines? the ethiopian orthodox church, founded in the fourth century, long before any european colonialists ever set foot in africa, claim that solomon and sheba had a son called menelik.
    moses was born when the israelites were slaves in egypt. pharaohs daughter adopted him. moses who led the israelite out of egypt, was married to an ethiopian woman named zipporah, numbers 12:1.
    Amos 9:7 "Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?"
    Jeremiah 38:7,10,12
    Ethiopian royal official rescues prophet Jeremiah.
    2Kings 19:9
    Ethiopian king (or general, Tirhakah) was ruling Egypt at the time and sent an army to invade Assyria.

    this is in the old testament. in the new testament, Acts 8:27
    Ethiopian government official goes to Jerusalem to worship, accepts Christianity and brings it back to Ethiopia which was ruled by Ethiopian Queen Kandake (Candace).
    the most controversial issue in the bible is the book of Ruth, a moabitess. moabite is classified as a caananite language. ruth is jesus christ's ancestor.
    jesus christ escapes to egypt, to avoid being killed by herod. matthew 2:13 africa facilitated jesus' survival.
    note that some bibles say cush or cushite instead of ethiopia. that's fine because ethiopians are cushites anyway. but cushites are most definitely africans. i should know, i am one.
    i challenge you to check these facts out. get a bible, this is no secret. just because christianity was introduced to some africans by europeans, doesn't apply to all africans. some of us were practicing christianity long before the romans accepted it as their religion, which is how christianity spread through europe. if anything europeans follow our religion, because i have trouble finding any european participation in the bible except for the romans who were nothing but villains. if you can show me direct british, or french, or portuguese participation in the bible as i have shown you of ethiopia (whose kingdom extended into yemen and beyond, and consisted of a much larger part of africa than modern day ethiopia), and egypt, feel free to quote the passage to me, as i have quoted to you the name, the chapter and the verse. and if you can't i demand you take back your daft, ignorant remark of africans being too stupid to have their own religion. again, don't take my word for it! check and double check evrything i have said.

    By Blogger fayvalady, at 9:43 PM  

  • I've been meaning to edit this post 4 some time as some terms i've used could quite easily though unfairly be construed as racist on my part, which would be completely wrong.
    Noneless thank u for you're comments, some of which i find pertinant, but i take exception to our incredible assertion that quote "it was genetically possible for people to have offsprings of different races in those days, and to live longer lives. noah lived to be over 500 years old". your stupidity is equally amusing, for as long as judaism has existed as a religion.
    As for the bible coincidently i do possess one. I've read genesis and exodus n found it to be a thorough laugh. What a pity or so i've heard that it ends so badly.
    Can i ask whether ou've ever bothered reading an buddhist. jain or hindu religious scriptures? Whats the point i guess, for how can there be wisdom beond that which is the "word of god" in the bible.

    As for the rest of you're comments, u can extrapolate africans into the bible stories as much as u want, but the fact is that most africans (SUB SAHARAN) have as little to do historically with christianity as pacific islanders, philipinos or south koreans. If jesus was born a african in the middle of the congo, nobody would have cared aout his black ass or his divine message, certainly not those who've enabled christianity to become the worlds most widely practised religion.

    By Blogger sydaus, at 4:17 AM  

  • trying to say that sub-saharan africans had little to do with christianity is an effort to marginalize us. thankfully christians don't listen to the ramblings of racists, they are taught to believe in the bible and it's words. the bible speaks for itself, and our role is there for everyone to see. ethiopians, cushites in the bible are real and true. last i checked ethiopia was a sub-saharan country, though in ancient times it's borders consisted of more countries. and through us the cushites, the rest of africa can claim it's place by saying they played a role. there are efforts to classify non-arab afroasiatic speaking africans like cushites as something other than africans, only because we defy the stereotypical physical appearance of african. the problem is when people try to divide us by race, there are those who don't quite fit the mold. and afroasiatics are not the only exception to this mold.
    i come from a diverse city called nairobi. my best friend was part afro-cuban, part japanese,so yes i grew up with buddhism in my life, and yes i know who it's founder was (hindu's never tire of reminding us of that), i practise fung shui, and my 'doctor' of choice is a korean acupuncturist. i fasted with my muslim friends during ramadhan, and went to mosque many times with them, so don't make assumptions about me not knowing other religions. we have to study all the major religions as part of our curriculum, because we are a diverse culture we have to understand each other. my father is a cushite, my mother a caucasian american. this diverity is found everywhere in nairobi, except for hindus who segregate themselves. i'm willing to bet the same is true in australia. those who dared date a non hindu particularly one of darker skin, were soon disowned by their families. because of racism in hinduism, which is what the caste system is really about, i have no respect for hinduism. non whatsoever! i have tried some ayurvedic remedies and yoga, and i have some hindu friends that are open minded.
    is my statement about africans having children of other races so far fetched? isn't this what the evolution theory, the out of africa theory and the mitochondrial eve theory are about? having africa as the cradle of mankind? and now DNA has come to play, and it supports these theories because it has found east africans to have far more diverse DNA than any other group of people in the world.
    i never said jesus was black, but i did say he had afroasiatic ancestors. his mother-toungue was an afroasiatic language called aramaic. his physical features were probably not caucasian. speculating about him being born in congo is neither here nor there. your hung up about numbers. it was envy and jealousy about christianity and it's growth that started this. you chose to attack christianity by attacking it's african members who often are defenseless, with claims of former enslavement. you must think all africans were once slaves to make that comment. you really are an idiot indeed! i defended africans by pointing out their role in christianity to prove that they are not "too stupid to have their own religion" and anyway rastafarianism, and voodoo are religions, coherent enough to be thriving, and originated from "the blacks."
    reading genesis and exodus may teach you something about judaism. but not christianity. one would need to read the new testament of matthew, mark, luke and john to understand christianity, and how it began and spread, and then acts of the apostles. i'm not encouraging you to read it though. i'm glad you found genesis amusing, believe me some things in hinduism have me in stitches. so lets all laugh, but with hinduism on it's way out (afterall with no lower castes left and no untouchables left, what will it mean to be a brahmin?)i wonder who will have the last laugh!

    By Blogger fayvalady3, at 1:52 AM  

  • If it makes u feel any better, i'll let u know that i generally have outright contempt for most people who blindly follow any religion, especially those of the semetic variety. Frankly i cant help but question their intellectual capacity.
    As u basically said yourself, u r taught what to believe, thus its not for u to question or doubt. Infact most historically did not have much choice in the matter. Its the classic case of first mover advantage ie; north africans r muslim b'cause islam got there first southern africans r mostly christian cause missionaries to got there first n so forth as is the case for many other people's.

    your lack of respect for hinduism is of no consequence. Hinduism is only for Hindu's. As for its great universal concepts/principles n wealth of literature/culture, well thats for others to discover on their own initiative n i wont bother explaining it further to those who have no such desire or indeed in your case respect.
    Unlike christianity, we dont not need to constantly perpetuate our faith inorder to somehow increase its legitimacy/ value or inherent truth as we are already content in the knowledge of its beauty n unparalleled greatness!
    As for it being on the way out - to the contrary. Its christianity that has been on its way out since the time of european enlightenment, thus neccessitating its need to go in search of more ignorant/gullible victims elsewhere.

    you say that hindu's like to segregate themselves. Perhaps this is somewhat true with some hindu's in some parts of the world, but in most cases you'll find hindu's far more well integrated than other communities from similiar backgrounds. Sure we almost always prefer to marry our own, but then again who doesnt.
    Look, hindu's just like most other peoples r a prejudiced lot, no more no less. But hinduism n the caste system r two completely separate n independent things. If u go to India you'll see that Hindu's muslims sikhs n christians all practise caste discrimination to a certain degree. Caste exists due to the shear racial diversity present in India n mostly its a benign force that simply acknowledges this fact, just like other peoples elsewhere do among themselves.
    For example, in australia for your information, the only community who r segregated are the aborigines. The fact is that regardless of country, religion, culture etc, those with white or lighter skin have always looked down upon n oppressed those darker or different from themselves. The teachings of Christianity did little to prevent white colonists trying to racially wipe out aborigines by forcibly stealing half breds n raising them up in european families. Only just over 30yrs ago we had still the white australia policy in full force.
    recently weve seen what has happened in darfur n southern sudan regardless of islamic religion of so called arabs in north. everywhere such discriminations are playing themselves out, be it with the indigenous people's in the america's or in the favelas of brazil or in the U.S where one can see poor blacks in the inner city areas economically segregated from richer whites who tend live in the surburbs n gated communities.

    Lastly i must say that i wasnt (atleast not intentionally) trying to denigrate or marginalise africans as a race in particular, but rather just making some arogant general observations that i should have been more careful with. I have nothing against any race, i like them all very much (yes even those arabs) n though i've only known a few black/african people in australia, i've alway had good friendship with all of them. One of my uni lecturer's was from kenya as was the guy who subscibed us to adsl internet. recently many sudanese refugees have settled down in our region n so i also got to interact with them quite often, so there.

    By Blogger sydaus, at 12:20 PM  

  • christianity first came to africa thru north africa in the late 1st century early 2nd century. islaam first came to africa thru east africa in the 8th century. i'd be glad to name my credible sources. today north africa is mostly muslim, and east africa has more christians than muslims. so, your babble about first movers advantage is bogus at best. no one forced us into it, as you wish to have people believe. we had choices. 100 million still choose to practice african religions today, despite knowing about christianity and islaam. we still have choices, thats why kenya now has the 5th largest ba'hai community in the world, made up of mostly former christians, that can't ignore other religions, because they are free thinkers. ba'hais are growing rapidly in other parts of africa.
    lets not limit the questioning of the intellectual capacity of those that have blind faith, to just the semitic variety. i know for sure you can't just be born a christian. you have to be baptized into the religion, and declare your faith publicly. catholics who baptize young children have them 'confirmed' at an older age when they can decide if it's the path they wish to follow. hindu's however are just born into it. then they adopt it from their parents without question. it's expected that they will just follow their family's wishes. consequently it seems more like a tradition than a religion. we can't help but notice the shallow knowledge hindu's have of their own religion, and thats why they don't perpetuate their faith, because frankly most couldn't even if they wanted to. many are clueless. most claim to be hindu's without much fervour, passion or enthusiasm. talk about blind faith!!
    who are these ignorant gullible victims, who have turned to christianity? you should know. many are former hindu's including brahmins, who have the strenght to defy family and tradition despite hinduisms 'wealth, literature/ culture and unparalleled greatness'.
    yeah i know australia's history and treatment of indeginous australians. i even watched rabbit proof fence.i compare them to maasai, many just don't wan't to be mordernized, and thats their right.
    justifying racism because other people did it is a load of crap! two wrongs don't make a right. hisory is just that, history. we are talking about here and now, thats why americans, europeans and others can condemn whats going on in darfur, without worrying about their past history.
    where are these white gated communities? can you name any? i now live in massachusetts. i haven't seen any. i don't know if there are any left at all, where african-americans and other minorities haven't infiltrated. if there are any they are few and far between. all that poor blacks in the inner city is the same stuff i watched when i was in africa. when i saw for myself, i realized that there are plenty of poor whites, something they never showed us. not to say that there are no poor blacks, of course there are, but poverty is by no means limited to a race. that negative portrayal is what i see about africa from here. all they show about africa is poverty, famine, AIDS, war and negative practices like female circumcision,and the list goes on. all they show about india are train wrecks, poverty, brothels, floods, kashmir and negative practices like abortion of female fetuses etc. same goes for most third world countries. that's why i refrain from making stereotypical comments about others, because they can just as easily make stereotypical comments about me. unless, as in this case, i am compelled to, because i was pissed off. usually i just live and let live.

    By Blogger fayvalady3, at 10:18 AM  

  • First movers advantage confers the benefit of high barriers to entry, it doesnt necessarily deter new (zealous) entrants.
    Free thinkers? Hah. Surely not. These are largely illiterate/ignorant people who more or less adopt whatever is forced down their throats. I certainly dont see too many scientologists among them.
    fervour, passion or enthusiasm. What exactly are u looking for us to do. maybe just perhaps, we practise religion differently from Africans. To us, religion is a deeply personal thing.
    For someone who doesnt knows absolutely zero about our religion, its a bit rich 4 u to question our own knowledge of it. We Hindu's dont normally perpetuate our religion, because much of it is deeply rooted to Indian culture that one should be intimate with. But there are important exceptions like that of the theosophists n the Hare Krishna's who have been quite successful in the west n other diverse countries with many prominant members. Usually if one is interested in hindu theology then buddhism is a good option for them as Buddhism is to Hinduism what christianity is to Judaism.

    Hinduism is a open n diverse religion that incorporates every aspect of belief under the sun alongside some more central ones. It has continually evolved over 5 millenium with enormous contributions from some of the finest minds India (indeed the world) has ever produced. Blind faith or Dogma? I think not - one can pick n choose as he pleases. Thus for example the beliefs of a very austere sect like the Advaita Vedantists can happily coexist side by side (even within the same family like mine) with devotional movements like that of Bhakti .

    Not only dont u know anything about hinduism, but your comments are also contradictory - "I have tried some ayurvedic remedies and yoga". Dont u know that ayurveda is the ancient vedic hindu science of medicine. Likewise yoga rather than merely being just some meaningless postures n exercises is actually infact just a small portion of one of the six vedic schools of hindu philosophy. Perhaps u should cease such activities, lest u develop respect for the beliefs n knowledge of stupid pagan idol worshipping hindu's.

    Racism - I wasnt justifying anything. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of those who mount their high horse n points fingers at others with impunity while ignoring the many fingers r already pointing back at them. Even african/blacks prefer fairer skinned brides.
    As 4 gated communities - i didnt say they were exclusively white gate communities. I was just refering to the subtle racism behind the politically correct veneer.

    yes i agree that africa has a bad image problem. India thankfully has now starting to round that corner in terms of global perception though reality still leaves a lot to be desired. Obviously nobody wants to be pityed.

    By Blogger sydaus, at 10:00 AM  

  • unlike you who called all africans stupid, before you edited your page, i don't recall calling hindus "stupid pagan idol worshippers". i do know quite a bit more than your average christian would about hinduism, infact, a lot more! i didn't just decide not to like some of it's practices, from knowing nothing about it. my only dislike infact, as i clearly pointed out was the race/ cast issue, and the whole aryan invasion myth which plays a role. indians themselves knew nothing about it until some german guy came and told them what supposedly happened, and which many willingly embraced without, much resistance, (even if it meant giving up chunks of indias culture and history as being of aryan influence). but of course according to you, hindu's have never, "taken so enthusiastically" to the views of their former colonizers and enslavers. look how it still resonates today. you said hinduism is only for hindu's now you say it's open and diverse, make up your mind! i wonder though what buddhists would think about it's theology being hinduisms theology? i tend to think they would disagree. you have been on a high horse, and pointed fingers, and not just on this article alone, even on your other articles you've done nothing but bad mouth christianity, and imply that only ignorant illiterates, are being converted. bullshit. in india christians are coming from all castes, and many are well educated people.
    i'm not so sure it's the african men that want lighter skinned women, i tend to think it's the women that like darker skinned men. but then again, thats just another one of your many stereotypes.
    i did not contradict myself. i can try ayurvedic remedies if i damn well please. same goes for tai chi and whatever else suits my fancy. it doesn't make me less of a christian.
    christianity and islaam will prevail. even with missionaries being murdered in india, by hindu extremists, it's going to do nothing but grow. others will have to put up, or shut up!

    By Blogger fayvalady3, at 7:10 PM  

  • have you actually read dianetics, to see what scientolgy is all about? i tried to find my copy, but couldn't locate it. maybe i trashed it, a good thing because thats where it belongs. scientologists are not, i repeat not classified as christians, even though they are technically called 'church of christ scientist'. most of us believe it's a cult, full of psychobabble crap about being "in the clear." if they grab a hold of you, good luck trying to get out! are you seriously telling me that that is what you consider an "intelligent" religion? or did you just assume so because the likes of tom cruise and john travolta follow it? unfortunately, there africans who are scientologists. they even have dianetics translated into swahili. they wouldn't have bothered if they felt africans couldn't get it, as you're trying to imply. for someone who claims not to perpetuate his religion, you certainly have, all you have to do is look at your article hindu philosophy 101. if hinduism is that great it ought to be able to stand on it's own. you don't need to validate it by discrediting other religions, which you constantly do. it comes out looking as though your desperately grasping at straws. clearly christians have ruffled your feathers, otherwise you wouldn't be so obssessed with putting us down. of course your wasting your energy. being that india has one sixth of the world population, the probabilty, that some among them, have done great things is expected, but not exceptional.
    i see no need to further, defend blacks, or christians from the likes of you -a racist, bigot. how does one reason with a bigot anyway, let alone a racist one. i'm wasting my energy. you go on living in your delusional world!

    By Blogger fayvalady3, at 2:42 AM  

  • I believe in christianity they say that the humble man is quick to repent. I've readily acknowledged some of my ignorance while you've done no such thing. Infact u continue merrily with ever more hypocritical comments.
    I gave scientiology just as an example, nowhere did i confer any positive attributes on it. I know little about it nor do i care to.

    "i'm not so sure it's the african men that want lighter skinned women, i tend to think it's the women that like darker skinned men. but then again, thats just another one of your many stereotypes". Correct me if im wrong but isnt the 2nd part of this sentence repeating the same stereotype u accuse me of???
    In any case, dont fool youself, white women r usually attracted to rich successful black men like sports stars/musicians. Whereas black men generally lust after even big fat white women. Isnt that why black women are constantly trying to make their hair staight. I often watch american programs/movies that feature black families where almost always those cast for female parts in the family r very much lighter coloured than those of the men, even leading one to question whether they could really belong to the same family. Even in africa, one can see the exulted status of those (whether male or female) who happen to have lighter skin amidst those that r darker.

    "you don't need to validate it by discrediting other religions". So far not only have rubbished scientology but you've also basically said that hinduism is a religion not worthy of respect. Then you've said that quote "my only dislike infact, as i clearly pointed out was the race/ cast issue". Talk about putting down an entire religion on only one issue.

    Why do u as an african care so much about the "aryan invasion myth" (r u an indian in disquise). For you're information, Hindu nationalists almost to a man reject the aryan invasion theory, just visit some of their websites like hindunet, where conincidentally even noted foreign indianistes like Feuerstein, Kak, and Frawley also strongly air present their work in support.
    The Indian history department has always been a marxists bastion who have their own devious agenda. anybody even remotely on the religious right have been hounded out and demonised as revisionists or revivalist regardless of their research n expertise.
    Personally i think both sides have their arguments but neither is conclusive.
    Constantly in the rig veda there is repeated references n glorification of a great river (the Indus/Saraswati) on whose banks their civilisation flourished n that once flowed into the ocean but subsequently dried up.
    No such river exists in central asia which is nowhere near the ocean.
    Recently sattelite images have conclusively proven its existence n scanned its actual course through north west india. Indeed many of the cities of the Indus valley civilisation lie along its route.
    On the other hand, our ancient sacred mother language of sanskrit is as i have also observed, frighteningly similar to that of the avestan language of ancient iranians.
    There is another interesting theory, that it was from India that the arians first spread n that it was actually the dravidians who invaded through India through the middle east n africa n pushed south, but obviously to even consider this wouldnt be politically correct, now would it.

    I never called africans stupid. I just stated that they are essentially still treated as more or less the same, to be told what to do, what 2 believe n what to obey. controlling the mind is far more useful than merely controlling the body. religion is a far superior method than slavery ever could be.
    If an african said these words they might well be hailed as n intelluctual fighting cultural hegemony, but unfortunately it had to come from a "racist" such as myself.

    In christianity, are hindu's not pagan idol worshippers destined to burn in eternal hellfire. your compassionate god is indeed very vain. Frankly i'd rather join forces with the devil then believe in a god that condemns me 4 going against my heart n mind, what he indeed has given me.
    Hinduism is an open religion b/c it freely accepts that other views can be equally valid. One of the first n most well known passages in the rig veda states that "truth is one, though wise men know it by different names".
    This is unlike semetic religions that r exclusivist n propound that the only way to god is through them.

    As for buddhism. Where exactly do u suppose buddhist theology n concepts like karma, dharma, n reincarnation came from??? I'll have u know that i consider myself as much a buddhist, or a jain as i do myself as a hindu. they both are an inalienable part of my heitage that im immenously proud of. Both buddha n mahavira were born in roughly the same region in india as i am originally from. There is scarcely a word of what they taught that i disagree with. Infact i freely admit that while hinduism is by far the world's greatest religion, buddhism is surely its most logical, purest, beautiful n best.

    "christianity and islaam will prevail". Whats the matter. Not confident of christianities abilities by itself so u enlist the help of one of ur fellow goons to gang up on us. Hinduism is the world's oldest continually existing religion. We've survived the brutal sword of islam for a thousand years. Christians r only a mere 2% of india's population. even there, most of their converts were once only quasi hindus at best. their loss is no big deal to us.
    So u can still keep on dreaming ur strange fanciful dreams while ur own religion crumbles at its historical very core. We hindu's have never been the blind sheep u would have us to be n increasingly neither is the rest of the world.

    By Blogger sydaus, at 12:49 PM  

  • please refer to your comment,about former enslavers whether european or arab. that was an attack on christians as well as muslims! i was not interested in enlisting muslims, you put us all in one basket.
    my comment about the women preferring dark skinned men was to show a possibility of a different point of view, not to make a factual point. it does not work either way in my opinion.
    my view on scientolgy stands people are having a very hard time leaving once they join! i've seen that for myself. i have the same opinion for christian cults, or cults of any religion.
    some christians actually don't care what other religions are practicing, but as for me if i am insulted unprovoked as you did to us, all bets are off! i can then say anything i want, to those who feel they don't have to care about what they say about others. i never went as far as calling hindu pagans. i clearly stated what part of it i didn't like.
    there are some blacks with straight hair, some with blonde hair some with curly, some with kinky, which ones are you talking about. i inherited my caucasian mothers hair, but if my hair was curly i'd have had dreadlocks, cause i think they're cool. you cannot tell us what we should and should not do with our hair who the hell are you?
    that your a racist is no doubt. that your a bigot is also no doubt. let those who come across this blog decide.
    in Gods eyes everyone is equal, even the least of his brethren. so quasi hindus, whom you think are beneath you, untouchables and anyone and everyone, can find a home in christianity, or islaam or any religion that treats them as equals.

    By Blogger fayvalady3, at 8:03 PM  

  • this is absurd. now i'm expected to know about african-american athletes, and casting of blacks in american telly. race has no genetic basis, most variation is within, and not between races. having said that, it's hard enough to keep up with the 70 ethnic groups in kenya alone, let alone the rest of africa. my mother was raised in kenya, so she doesn't know too much about american lifestyle anymore. so how should i know? thats like me asking you about arabs. afterall your classified as the same race.
    it may not have been so in my dad's time, because women didn't enjoy as much freedom as they do today, but now inter-marriages between races are not gender biased in kenya. if the scales begin to tip, it will be the women who are marrying white men more. however, it is not looked at as an achievement or something. if you ever come across an urbanite kenyan you can ask them about it. there are no exalted light skinned folks, enjoying better socio-economic status because of their skin colour. wangari mathai would be the most exalted woman and she's quite dark, so is the president.
    within a family, siblings most likely don't have the same exact skin colour. very likely, each has their own unique colouring, and it can range from one sibling being very light and another very dark. that sort of triviality is just a non-issue in kenya. though we are quite tolerant of each other there are tribal/ethnic differences, and thats where a few prejudices lie.
    you'll be happy to know that i no longer intend to write on your blog. the semester starts soon, i'll be busy, busy.

    By Blogger fayvalady3, at 11:28 PM  

  • My god woman, have u gone mad?
    Where exactly did i say how u should have ur hair. where did i ask u to know about african-american athletes/etc. Where did i say quasi hindus r beneath me. I was refering to the fact that they (b4 conversion) mostly were followers of their own animistic beliefs with only nominal influence from hinduism.
    In any case, in christianity can a infidel, a unbeliever, a pagan ever be equal whether in this world or indeed the next?
    my reference to u practising ayurveda/yoga was a tongue n cheek jibe at ur suppossed lack of respect 4 us hindus.
    These were all just passing arguments, why must u constantly twist my words so utterly n pretend as if they've somehow caused great offence.
    Why must u be so quick to rather crudely condemn me as a racist/bigot etc etc etc. That too on numerous occasions.
    If u've run out of more well thought out responses, just say so.
    By ur standards, i could very easily accuse u of the same crime. Why mask ur true feelings until "all bets are off".
    Though my blog is sometimes confrontational, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.
    Im suprised n impressed by ur interest (if not always knowledge/respect) about our religion. Likewise i can assure u that though it might seem improbable i am relatively quite well versed on africa/africans n have always had a certain affinity with u all. I know about man's origin from the great rift valley. I know about the brutal history of belgium in the congo. I know about the promise held out by leaders like patrice lumumba at independence n how it was fatefully cut short by the expiedience of the cia etc. I know about the rather fine town planning of cities in west africa that europeans sea-farers often commented on favourably in comparison to their own back home n might i say it, still most indian cities 2day. I know of the brilliant solid rock cut churches in ethiopia n the fact that the arch of the covenant is supposed to be guarded there somewhere. I know the dire situation of the cocoa farmers in the ivory coast. I know about the despotic ruler of equitorial guinea n his swiss bank accounts. I know about the booming nigerian film industry as well as the recent sharp increases in domestic petrol prices there. I know that george weah is currently campaigning to be president of liberia. n Yes i know who wangari mathai is (albeit after she won her nobel prize).
    I truely wonder how many racists/bigots normally bother taking such genuine interest however trivial in the subject matter at hand.

    By Blogger sydaus, at 10:23 AM  

  • I dunno if i can believe all of what you guys are saying- i'll check it up. But, there are two observations i want to make-
    1. When christianity spreads in China and reaches critical mass, as it inevitably will, it will be a strong force against the chinese dictatorship. That will lead to crackdowns from the so-called communist leadership, which will become increasingly difficult in a free china. So, christianity will begin to be portrayed as a force for freedom in China while all along it was only toeing the western geopolitical agenda. This might eventually lead to a civil war if the communist government doesnt fall before. If the communist government falls, China will most likely disintegrate and such a war could probablyt be avoided as the eastern section would be the one mostly christian whereas tibet xinjiang and inner mongolia are likely to have maintained their respective buddhist, muslim and traditional chinese identity as they are already defensive and outnumbered. So, the christian juggernaut wont wait for full conversion to affect china.
    2. Over the centuries of the modern era, christianity as an identity sure has skyrocketed in numbers. But, in the places that launched this explosion, it has moved far away from what it originally cherished. It might be a misguided drive which saw only numbers as the yardstick that is to blame, but the fact remains that it has only been the act of diluting a concentrated mixture to increase the volume at the expense of the concentration. But, as long as only the ego of the followers matters, this will probably be brushed aside.
    I believe religions have done more bad than good to us. But, they are necessary to us as we are all troubled by guilt and lack of self-belief. In many ways, organised religions like Christianity and Islam dig their own graves if they try to achieve universal acceptance. All of them need the enemy as well as new converts at every moment. They feed off each other!

    By Blogger Rahul, at 2:50 PM  

  • fayvalady3, you should check out the blog 'nairobi back in the day' at
    After having to deal with the 'chutie mshenzi' of this blog, it's a refreshing change. you'll especially like the use of 'Sheng language' in it, since your from Nai. imagine, I put a search for sheng on wikipedia encyclopedia, and it was there. I'm trying to start my own blog, you should too! I'll let you know when I do.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:46 PM  

  • Hi Sid,

    You have a nice blog. But you can not achieve anything with hate.
    I dont want to critisize Hinduism even though it is considered as a Racist religion. I am a secular Muslim and I read all the religious scriptures.

    "With Knowledge comes Wisdom" is a famous saying; here is something I would like to bring to your notice.

    This small part of the Last Sermon given by Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) will enlighten you certainly:

    "... All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white - except by piety and good action. ..."

    Read the complete Sermon Here -

    By Anonymous A Hindu(geographical) Muslim, at 7:38 AM  

  • I take it then that you'll also have no problems agreeing that Islam is not only a racist religion (against all kafirs), but also a sexist religion.

    Visit the following site ( and you'll find equally if not many more verses from the koran to counter your "secular muslim" view of Islam.

    By Blogger sydaus, at 7:28 AM  

  • Are kafirs a different race from other muslims? If muslims themselves have racially discriminated against others, it is in direct defiance to the teachings of the Koran and indeed Islam. There is no muslim doctrine that supports racism. However Hindu doctrine openly supports racism. Infact racism (classifying people by skin colour) itself has it's origin in India not perhaps Europe as many think. Europe had populations of Moors, like Shakespears character Othello, who enjoyed prominence and equality before Europe learned how to be racist.
    Speaking of sexist, are you sure Hindus are any better? Lets look at crimes perpetrated by Hindu men. First if a girl is born, it's a miracle, many are aborted for being female. Then they don't get an education, the gap between male and female literacy in India is one of the widest in the world. Next they are married off to men who extort outrageous amounts of dowry from them. If they cannot pay, or if the men tire of them, they end up mysteriously "burned in the kitchen" or "bride burning" whatever you want to call it.
    Secular muslim means that on judgement day I have to face God myself, not my mother, not my brother, just me. It will be between me and my God, so don't you worry about it!

    By Anonymous secular muslim, at 1:48 AM  

  • Get yourself a dictionary and look up the definition of the word racist - you'll find it also includes perceived beliefs of superiority against any group of people united by religion, nationality, history or geographical distribution. How is merely classifying people by skin colour racism. Human beings have always classified themselves and others into ethnic/racial categories. It is something that is universal and has no origin.

    In countries with relatively homogenous populations, there is always room for the token othellos' of the world. But this is seldom the case if they are a large subgroup that significantly differs from the majority. You seem to have totally overlook the fact that it took some 5 centuries of constant conflict before the moors were finally driven from the iberian peninsula.

    Female infoeticide is primarily an economic phenomenom and finds no justification in any religion (i urge you to put forward concrete evidence if u continue to believe otherwise). In fact if you look at by far the highest rate of female infoeticide in India. it is among the sikh community even though they have always had an egalitarian ethos.

    Show me one muslim country where the disparity between male n female literacy is superior to that of India and i'll show you atleast 5 more that are way below it.

    Finally if you really knew anything about your religion, you'd realise that it has no such concept as a "secular muslim".

    By Blogger sydaus, at 1:18 PM  

  • Maybe you could enlighten us on Islams supposed equality as put forth in the following verses...

    By Blogger sydaus, at 3:12 PM  

  • And just think I almost erased this blog off my computer. Name a society that does not indulge in wife beating? I was born a christian my entire family is christian, except for a few jewish relatives. (I still consider myself a christian, though that might be hard for a rather dim witted, obtuse minded person like yourself to grasp. It would need knowledge of judeo-christian-islam, of which your clearly lacking. Heck, I consider myself a messianic Jew.)
    I can quote biblical passages that encourage women to be submissive to men.
    Muslims have many faults. However your blog is seemingly dedicated to the superiority of Hindus above all others. Who are you kidding. Thats a lost cause. Take the rose tinted glasses off, and get yourself a mega dose of reality. Grow up! It almost sounds like a naive child talking about 'my ice-cream is better than your ice-cream.' It's ignorant people like you that have unfortunately populated the earth, regardless of their religion, or lack thereof, spewing prejudice out of every orifice. So, I thought I'd point out some of the things that Hindus do though they are, according to you anyway, operating on a higher plane than everyone else. Not!
    It occurred to me just now, that your credibility was long ago shredded to bits, by the lady above, who made you look like horse manure. If that isn't serious, literal, bitch slapping, I don't know what is.
    It's a free cyberworld, so I guess I'll leave you to carry on your superior ice-cream propaganda. Mind you, you'll have difficulty finding support for your cause, for I know plenty of intelligent Hindus -your just not one of them.

    By Anonymous still- secular, at 3:53 PM  

  • Well, its always nice to be among friends, even when they're not yours. I dont know who you are and i dont particular care anymore, but if you ask me, id say all the above comments have been left by one and the same person under different disguises in a pathetic attempt to deceive and provoke a response by putting words in my mouth and through mindlessly predictable personal insults.
    If thats the best you've got, you better do us both a favour and erase my blog.

    P.S. If i need any more Bitch slapping, i'll call you're Mom, cause you hit like a girl!

    By Blogger sydaus, at 12:05 PM  

  • It's amazing reading through both of your arguments about religion, race, and ethics. I find it interesting that both of you are defending your beliefs, but I have to question, isn't the teaching of God is to "LOVE"? Was religion not spread by one tree that scattered around and that it became many roots to different parts of the country and practiced by human?

    Oh, about the bible, you say that those are words from "God" himself, but are you putting your faith in him or the person who wrote the Bible? I'm sure that these events in the Bible has happened but we never lived to see it so how can we be so correct?

    My last question is, "Have you seen your God?"

    I do believe, not blindlessly, that we human are too guillable, we can only adapt, i.e we don't want to be alone as we see our friends, family, and people around us believing in one God. This is called, not wanting to be left out!

    By Anonymous EnlightmentThinker, at 10:30 PM  

  • Well, well. Just when I was about to throw out my geriatric pc, that I haven't used for years, I find this.
    While I can't be 'bovvered' to read through all the nonsense, I remember a few details! One was gated communities which, according to you exempted 'the blacks.' Well I'll have you know, that the most prime real estate in all of these united states, is down Pennsylvania avenue, in which resides a black president, with his black wife (an impossibility according to you), and black children. That he is of Kenyan heritage, and mixed liberal background, as myself, is a plus.
    Derogatory remarks against black folks will always prematurely bring out the ire in me. Especially when it's unprovoked.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 AM  

  • Well, well. Just when I was about to throw out my geriatric pc, that I haven't used for years, I find this.
    While I can't be 'bovvered' to read through all the nonsense, I remember a few details! One was gated communities which, according to you exempted 'the blacks.' Well I'll have you know, that the most prime real estate in all of these united states, is down Pennsylvania avenue, in which resides a black president, with his black wife (an impossibility according to you), and black children. That he is of Kenyan heritage, and mixed liberal background, as myself, is a plus.
    Derogatory remarks against black folks will always prematurely bring out the ire in me. Especially when it's unprovoked.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 AM  

  • Oh by the way I was originally one person, then I showed several friends, of different backgrounds, your blog. They really did comment themselves, but I was there when they did! Oh my, years ago.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:11 AM  

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  • The Moors, who are of AFRICAN descent overrun Europe for hundreds of years. it wasn't a case of one token black person, it was a case of parts of Europe being ruled by Moors for centuries. A history Europe is still nowhere ready to come terms with.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:09 PM  

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