Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thus Spoke Natwar

After three long decades of international nuclear slumber India has finally awoken to sign a historic and unprecedented nuclear deal with America that would make India a potential and rightful exception to existing laws that prohibit civilian nuclear cooperation with a non-signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
While most Indians are eager to see the deal come to full fruition, our foreign minister Nutwar Natwar Singh on the other hand appears to be doing his best to jeopardise the bills long and tedious passage through the U.S congress (already in considerable danger) by needlessly stirring up his American hosts during a trip to Washington with needless idiotic remarks about the growing confrontation between them and Iran's nuclear program.

Though we have fairly cordial relations with Iran, still it is not very wise for a non-veto wielding country like India to be insensitive to the concerns of a determined America in favour of the dubious claims of the ayatollahs who happen to rule Iran. Though we would like to import gas from Iran the fact is that it has as many if not more hurdles than nuclear energy, and few would argue that generating nuclear power with the help of the latest cost effective technologies available to the west is a far more sound long term solution for our energy than reliance on unreliable sources of the finite fossil fuels such as Iran which has repeatedly reneged on previously signed agreements.

One may well say that it would be hypocritcal for India to side against Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons considering our own stockpiles and certainly the best outcome for India would be to walk the tightrope and abstain in any such future vote. But nontheless one shouldnt compare apples and oranges, India unlike Iran was never a signatory to the NPT or CTBT and had always maintained its right to possess such weapons. Iran on the other hand is a signed up member that has not only voted against us on the CTBT issue previously but been also been caught concealing evidence of possible secret weapons programs from the IAEA.

With one nuclear neighbour too many, such things are very undesirable especially in the hands of more islamaniacs. Why then are some rebellious government ministers, not to mention the comrades who support them from the outside willing to sell India down the drain in solidarity with the fundamentalists in Tehran. Im afraid this is nothing more than anti-americanism way beyond the call of sanity!

For far too long India was enamoured with such outdated thinking while other more nimble-witted nations merely paid us lip service and continued to solely look after their own well being. Now if only someone could cure Natwar Singh of his head in the sand cold war non-aligned movement mindset.


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